Professionalism in practice

Three animations demonstrate how you could use the framework to reflect on practice and challenge poor behaviour.

The Chief Nursing Officers, with support from the NMC, have created three animations that demonstrate how nurses and midwives can use Enabling professionalism in nursing and midwifery practice as a framework to support professional behaviour and as a tool to reflect on their practice.

Professionalism can mean different things to different people but all nurses and midwives practice in line with the Code, and reflect on their practice as part of revalidation.

The three animations show scenarios where nurses and midwives reflect on their behaviour and challenge poor practice using Enabling professionalism. They will apply to nurses and midwives in a range of different health settings. We hope that they will be used by nurses and midwives to help them reflect on the care they are providing and to ensure they are applying principles of the Code in their everyday practice.

The scenarios were developed from real life examples with the help of the team behind Enabling professionalism. 

The animations

1) A community-based nurse uses Enabling professionalism to address and rectify some medicines management issues.

2) A midwife uses Enabling professionalism to have a difficult conversation with a colleague, in which she challenges her colleague’s behaviour outside the health setting they work in.

3) A staff nurse working at a nursing home uses Enabling professionalism to challenge poor practice at her local hospital, outside her normal practice setting. She doesn’t feel confident challenging the practice while it is happening, but after reading the framework, and in discussion with a colleague, knows how to address the practice that she saw. She uses Enabling professionalism to help her reflect on her practice as part of revalidation.