Updating your details

How to change your name or address

Changing your name

Why does it matter?

It’s really important that you’re registered using the same name that you practice in. It helps your patients, the public, and employers to find the right information about your registration.

How do I change my name?

Please use your NMC Online account to change your name. There, we’ll ask you to give us:

  • your new name and title
  • a copy of the official document confirming the name change (check the table below to see what documents we accept). Please make sure the document is readable when you submit this.

We’ll also ask you for the surname and Pin of a referee who can verify the name change you’re asking for. We’ll email them, and we’ll give them 28 days to get back to us.

We ask for a reference for extra security. It helps to reduce the risk of fraud, protecting your data, and our register.

Who can be a referee?

Your referee has to be another registered nurse or midwife with an NMC Online account. If they’re not on our register (for example, because they’ve retired or are suspended) they can’t confirm your name change.

Documents we need

For all of the documents below, we can only accept files in the following formats: pdf, gif, png, jpg and jpeg.

Reason for name changeDocuments we need
I got married or had a civil ceremony, my surname and/or title have changed
  • copy of marriage or civil partnership certificate, or
  • copy of old and new passport
My surname and/or title has changed because of a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership
  • copy of decree absolute, or
  • change of name deed poll document, or
  • conditional order (final), or
  • copy of old and new passport
I’ve legally changed one of my first names and my surname
  • copy of deed poll document, or
  • statutory declaration, or
  • affidavit, or
  • copy of old and new passport
My details were wrong – I’d like to correct them
  • copy of birth certificate, or
  • copy of passport
I’ve legally changed one of my first names
  • copy of deed poll document, or
  • affidavit, or
  • copy of old and new passport
I’m reverting to a previous surname (for example, a maiden name). I was previously registered with the NMC under this name
  • please sign a statement to confirm that you’ve gone back to your previous surname “for all purposes” and that you’re no longer using your old name
My title has changed (for example, to Doctor)
  • certificate of proof of title

Change of address or email address

If you wish to change your address, email address or geographical area, the easiest way to do this is via the account services section on your NMC Online account.

We know that sometimes our emails can find their way into your junk email folder so make sure you check it regularly. To prevent this, add noreply@nmc-uk.org to your safe senders list.