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Renewing your registration

How to renew and retain your registration each year

Key terms

In order to retain your registration with the NMC and stay on our register you need to pay your fee every year. Every three years you also need to renew your registration by revalidating.

Fee expiry date: The deadline for paying your annual fee in order to retain your registration.

Revalidation application date: The deadline for submitting your revalidation application. It is the first day of the month in which your registration expires, so if your renewal date is 30 April, your revalidation application date will be 1 April.

Renewal date: The date on which your registration will be renewed if you have successfully completed your revalidation application. It is the last day of the month in which your registration expires.

Paying your fee

It is important that you pay your annual fee promptly to stay on our register. Please do this well before your fee expiry date. You will then stay on our register for a further year. To renew your registration online, visit NMC Online.

Read more details on how to pay your fee.


Every three years, nurses and midwives need to renew their registration through revalidation. The revalidation requirements replace the post-registration education and practice (Prep) requirements which ended on 31 March 2016.

To submit your revalidation application and renew your registration please visit NMC Online. You will be able to set up an online account if you do not already have one.

Important information

We will contact you 60 days in advance of your fee expiry date or revalidation application date, depending on which applies that year. It is therefore important you tell us about any changes to your contact details.

If you don’t submit your fee before your expiry date, or your revalidation application before your revalidation application date, your registration will automatically lapse and you will be unable to practise. Should you allow your registration to lapse, the only way to regain registration would be by applying for readmission. That process can take two to six weeks, depending on your circumstances. You would be unable to practise during that period.

It is illegal to work in a nursing or midwifery role if you are unregistered. We will refer applications for readmission from nurses and midwives who are found to have been working unregistered to the Registrar's Advisory Group.

Revalidation: Find out what you need to do

revalidation nurse thumbnail Revalidation

Revalidation requirement:

  • 5 written reflective accounts