There are a few different options available to the hearing panel:

  • Allow the appeal – This means you have successfully won your appeal, and can move on to the next stage of registration. If the next stage is to be admitted to the Register, this will take place within 2 working days. If there is another part of the registration you need to complete, your case officer will advise you of this.
  • Dismiss the appeal – This means the hearing panel have agreed with the decision of the Assistant Registrar to refuse your application to join or re-join the register. You will have 21 days to appeal this decision to the county court.
  • Adjourn the appeal – There are a number of different reasons why an adjournment might be required. The most common reasons are that the hearing ran out of time, or that new information came to light which requires further investigation.

You will be written to within 5 days of the hearing with a copy of the determination. If you have any questions about the determination you can contact your case officer.