We need to make sure that applicants applying to the nursing associate part of our register have the right knowledge and skills to enable them to practice safely and effectively.

Our eligibility criteria

To meet our eligibility criteria your qualification will need to be in nursing and be equivalent to a foundation level degree. A foundation level degree in England goes beyond secondary (or high school) education and is one level below a full undergraduate degree.

We won’t be able to consider your application if your qualification doesn't meet this criteria.

What you need to do

We'll ask you to provide the following information in NMC Online as part of your application:

  • details of your training including the title of your qualification and the date it was awarded
  • a scanned copy of your qualification certificate
  • the name, address and contact email address for your education institution
  • details of your previous name if your qualification was awarded under a different name to the one you've used on your NMC Online account
  • details of your professional registration if your qualification allowed you to register in the country you completed your training in.

You'll need to give us permission to contact your education institution to verify the information you’ve provided. You'll also need to confirm that you have their consent to share their contact information with us before we contact them about your application.

Check your information

Take care when entering your information. Errors, particularly those in your training institute's contact details, cannot be changed once you submit your application and will lead to delays.

Pay the evaluation fee

When you're ready to submit this information, you’ll need to pay the £140 evaluation fee.

This fee is non-refundable, even if we determine that you're not eligible to apply or you don't gain registration.

What your education institution will need to do

Once you've submitted your information and paid your evaluation fee, we'll contact your education institution to:

  • check the information you've told us about your qualification
  • confirm it matches their records
  • confirm your qualification is equivalent to a foundation level degree
  • indicate if any of the information you've provided doesn't match their records and tell us what information they do hold.

You can keep track of your application and see when your education institution has replied to us on NMC Online.

Our evaluation

Once we have everything we need, we'll carry out an evaluation of your qualification.

If you meet our eligibility criteria, we’ll ask you to complete a Test of Competence.

We'll let you know the outcome of our evaluation by email within 14 calendar days of receiving the information from your education institution.