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Please prepare for all clinical and theoretical areas listed below.

Clinical – Midwifery

(a) Antenatal area
(b) Intranatal area
(c) Postnatal area
(d) Neonatal area

Theoretical - Midwifery

(a) General subjects – basic anatomy and physiology, basic pathology, basic bacteriology, virology and parasitology, basic biophysics, biochemistry and radiology, paediatrics (with particular reference to newborn infants), hygiene, health education, preventative sociology and socio-medical questions, basic pharmacology, psychology, principles and methods of teaching, health and social legislation and health organisations, professional ethics and professional legislation, sex education and family planning, and legal protection of mother and infant.

(b) Activities of midwives – anatomy and physiology; embryology and development of the foetus; pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood including psychological aspects; preparation for delivery (including knowledge and use of technical equipment in obstetrics); analgesia, anaesthesia and resuscitation; physiology and pathology of newborn infant; care and supervision of the newborn infant, psychological and social factors.

NMC midwifery blueprints

Please prepare for all clinical and theoretical areas listed in the document below.

Domain 1: Effective midwifery practice
Domain 2: Professional and ethical practice
Domain 3: Developing the individual midwife and others
Domain 4: Achieving quality care through evaluation and research

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