We will accept an IELTS Academic examination certificate that confirms you have achieved: 

  • At least 7 for reading, listening, and speaking 
  • At least 6.5 for writing 

We accept both the paper-based and computer-based IELTS Academic test delivered at a test centre.  

We accept IELTS Academic UKVI tests, which are designed to meet specific administrative requirements outlined by the UK Home Office and are taken at a UKVI-approved test centre. The UKVI test is the same as the standard IELTS Academic test by all other measures, with the same content, format, scoring and level of difficulty.  

We do not accept the IELTS Indicator test. This is because the security measures for the Indicator test are not comparable to those in place for the face-to-face test and therefore do not meet our standards. We also do not accept IELTS Online. 

We do not accept the IELTS One Skill Retake test. This is because you must be tested in all four domains at the same time to use this evidence type. You cannot take (or retake) individual test domains separately. 

Combining IELTS test scores 

You can combine scores across two IELTS test sittings, providing that between the two test settings you achieve: 

  • One reading score of at least 7  
  • One listening score of at least 7  
  • One speaking score of at least 7  
  • One writing score of at least 6.5  

All of your test scores across both sittings must be equal to or higher than the minimum scores: 

  • 6.5 for listening  
  • 6.5 for reading 
  • 6.5 for speaking 
  • 6 for writing 
Examples of combining IELTS scores

Combined IELTS scores: Accepted

  Listening Reading Writing Speaking
Test 1 7 6.5 6 7
Test 2 6.5 7 7.5 8

This combination would be accepted because: 

  • The applicant has achieved a score of at least 7 in listening, speaking and reading and a score of at least 6.5 in writing, across the two test sittings.  


  • In both tests, all of their scores are equal to or higher than 6.5 in listening, reading or speaking, and equal to or higher than 6 in writing. 

Combined IELTS scores: Not accepted

  Listening Reading Writing Speaking
Test 1 6.5 6.5 6.5 7
Test 2 6 7 7.5 7.5

This combination would not be accepted because:   

  • The applicant has a listening score lower than 6.5 (the required minimum score in this domain) in one of their test sittings. They have also not achieved the required pass score of 7 in listening.  

You can use our test combining calculator to check whether your combined test scores meet our requirements.  

See if your combined scores meet our requirements 

Providing evidence of your IELTS test 

If you’re using an IELTS test, you’ll need to provide your IELTS certificate and TRF number. We’ll use this to verify your results when assessing your application. 

The TRF number is usually 18 characters long, made up of both numbers and letters. You can find this on your IELTS certificate.

You’ll need to provide both certificates and TRF numbers if you’re using two IELTS tests to meet our requirements.