Website research sessions

Published on 01 February 2022

Website research sessions

You may been sent an invite to take part in our website research sessions. CIVIC Computing LTD and Taylor Mckenzie are working on behalf of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to talk to people about how we can improve our website.

About the sessions

User testing sessions – Participants will spend around an hour with CIVIC to complete some common tasks on our website. We want to see how easy it is to complete those tasks and understand where improvements could be made.

One-to-one interviews – CIVIC will also speak to individuals about their experience of our website and get more in depth views about how we could improve things.

Taking part won’t affect your registration. The information you give goes to an independent research company, and is confidential and anonymous. Personal data will only be held by CIVIC and their recruitment partner Taylor Mckenzie for the purposes of running this research, after which your personal data will be destroyed.

CIVIC will collect equality and diversity information from you to monitor how representative this study was. However this data will not be attributed to you. No personal data will be passed back to the NMC.

The criteria we use to select participants will be based on how closely you match the typical user types on our website. For instance, we need to select a certain number of nurses, midwives and nursing associates to ensure we’re representative of the people on our register.

We will also select participants to ensure we hear from particularly underrepresented voices whose views and experiences are typically seldom-heard in this type of work.

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