2019/20 healthcare professional regulators’ whistleblowing report published

Published on 24 September 2020

Matthew McClelland, our Director of Strategy and Insight, comments on the publication of the annual healthcare professional regulators’ whistleblowing report.

We’ve today (Thursday 24 September) joined with seven other healthcare professional regulators to publish our annual joint report from April 2019 to March 2020 on the whistleblowing disclosures made to us. 

This shows the action we’ve taken and how we work together in handling issues or concerns raised to us by nurses, midwives, nursing associates, students or other healthcare professionals in their workplaces or practice placements across the UK.

The report shows we received 107 disclosures that met our criteria on instances of whistleblowing compared to 34 in the previous year. 

Commenting on the report, Matthew McClelland, our Director of Strategy and Insight, said:

“The pressures faced by our nursing and midwifery professionals, exacerbated by Covid-19, has brought tackling safety risks, inequalities and workforce challenges sharply into focus.

“It’s clear that an open and positive learning culture, one that supports professionals to speak up about their experiences without fear or blame, is essential. 

“As a result of continued whistleblowing awareness and improvements in our reporting, we’ve seen greater numbers of disclosures in 2019/20 requiring regulatory action compared to last year – with some of the most common topics relating to safety, leadership and management and professional behaviour. 

“It takes courage to speak up. By listening and acting on concerns raised, we’ll continue to help real improvement in care thrive, leading to better experiences and outcomes for everyone involved.”

If nursing and midwifery professionals don’t feel able to speak to their manager or don’t feel their concerns have been listened to, check out our raising concerns guidance for further support and guidance. 

Read the 2019/20 healthcare professional regulators’ whistleblowing report.

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