New programme monitoring

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All newly approved education providers and pre-registration programmes must go through an initial period of new programme monitoring.

New programme monitoring lasts until the first students from the programme join our register. This gives us the opportunity to work more closely with new programmes and institutions who we haven’t worked with before, and have less information on.

What we expect of programmes under new programme monitoring

  • Report any concerns or risks through exceptional reporting including how you’re managing and controlling these risks.
  • Submit a new programme monitoring report twice a year. You must submit one of these as part of your annual self-report. 
  • Have follow up phone calls with the NMC after each of these reports.

How we will work with new programmes

  • Provide a dedicated NMC contact for each newly approved education institute (AEI) and pre-registration programme.
  • Review, categorise and track concerns as they emerge.
  • Notify new AEIs of timelines for submitting reports.
  • Follow up any reporting with a monitoring phone call.
  • Take action if concerns remain (this could result in a period of enhanced scrutiny, an extraordinary review, or even withdrawal of approval).

Please note our Quality Assurance Board will make a decision on how long a new AEI and pre-registration programme stays on new programme monitoring. This will also triangulate evidence through self-reports, data driven monitoring and monitoring calls.