The role of lead midwives for education

What LMEs are and where they are based

Lead midwives for education (LMEs) help to ensure high standards in midwifery education.

Midwifery education programmes in the UK can only be run at educational institutions approved by us. Read a list of education programmes approved by us.

We make sure that the standards of midwifery education programmes remain high through a network of lead midwives for education (LMEs). We also regularly monitor the quality of education programmes.

Role of lead midwives for education

LMEs are based at and employed by the approved educational institutions (AEIs) providing pre-registration midwifery education. They are experienced practising midwife teachers, leading on the development, delivery and management of midwifery education programmes.

LMEs play a key role in informing us whether student midwives are of good character, health and are competent to take on the role of a midwife at the end of their training.

If you have any questions regarding midwifery education please email

Strategic reference group

All LMEs are members of our UK-wide Strategic Reference Group.

The main purpose of this group is to update LMEs on proposals and rules about midwifery education and practice and, where appropriate, seek their feedback. 

New lead midwives for education

New LMEs should complete the new LME online form.