Information on our Egress system

If you are using Windows 10 and Switch Client version 4.71 or earlier, you may encounter issues with opening encrypted emails. Please contact Egress Support on or 0207 624 8500 if this is the case.

Using the NMC's Egress Switch to receive our encrypted emails

The Nursing and Midwifery Council is currently using the government accredited email and file encryption service 'Egress Switch' to secure sensitive information shared with external third parties.

Individuals and organisations who receive sensitive information from the NMC will see emails in the new Egress Switch format and will be able to download free software to open and reply to the secure messages.

Exchanging confidential data with us won't be difficult. As a Switch recipient you can not only access encrypted files quickly and easily, you can also reply securely completely free of charge. However, you will only be able to reply to messages from the NMC and not to other external third parties.*

How do I use Egress Switch to read emails sent to me by the NMC?

If this is first time you have received an encrypted Egress email from us you will have to:

  1. Set up an Egress Switch account
  2. Log in to your Switch account
  3. Enter an NMC specified password, which you will be able to request from the sender of the email

User guides for Egress Switch recipients are also available here.

Guide to receiving our encrypted emails 
Encrypted emails - Quick start guide
Guide to uploading encrypted files via Egress 

For more in-depth video tutorials you can also visit the Egress website.

If you have any further technical queries, please contact the NMC contact who sent you the encrypted email or contact

* You will have a free access account which will allow you to send and receive emails and uploads to the NMC. To use Egress switch to send emails to other third parties will require an advanced account which can be obtained by visiting the Egress website.