At the start of the pandemic, we reduced contact with healthcare professionals but since July 2020, we have gradually increased our contact with healthcare professionals and it’s now generally back to normal and our case work activity is resuming.

You can also send us your views on the case, including evidence of any learning you may have taken or any reflections you may have about it.

This might also help the Case Examiners make an early decision on your case

Providing a witness statement

We'll always carefully consider if we need to contact you during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We know that during the Covid-19, some previously arranged witness interviews will be postponed.

If we've already taken a witness statement from you, we won't follow up with you to review or return your draft witness statement if we think this could distract you from your work.

This does mean that some cases will experience delays. If the case you're involved in is still under investigation and you would like an update, please contact the person managing the case.