Please use our booking form to attend a hearing

  • We have capacity limits for all hearings, whether physical or virtual.
  • We prioritise observer access to people with a connection with the case. Otherwise, we allocate places on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • You should book to attend the hearing at least two working days before the hearing is due to start.
  • You understand that your email address will be shared with NMC staff so they can give you more details about how to attend a hearing.
  • For virtual hearings, you must not share the virtual access details to the hearing with anyone.
  • For virtual hearings, you must ensure that there is no one else observing the hearing with you unless they have told us and agreed to comply with these rules.

Don’t record the hearing

  • You must not audio record, film, photograph, or screenshot any part of the hearing.
  • You must not stream, broadcast, share or otherwise distribute the hearing with anyone.
  • You can make handwritten notes.

Don’t distract people involved in the hearing

  • If you’re observing a physical hearing, turn your phone off and stay silent throughout the hearing.
  • If observing a virtual hearing, you must turn your camera turned off and mute your microphone throughout the hearing. If observing a physical hearing, you must turn your phone off when the hearing is in session.
  • You must not try to communicate with the parties involved in the hearing, even during breaks.
  • You understand that your participation in a hearing is limited to observing public proceedings – you will be asked to leave if any part of the hearing is heard in private session. If you do not leave when asked, you will be excluded from the hearing.
  • If attending a physical hearing, you cannot bring food or canned drinks into the hearing room. Screw-top drinks are allowed. Let us know if you have a medical condition that requires you to bring food or drink into the hearing room.

If you don’t follow these rules we may exclude you from the hearing, and you may face legal action.

Please email if you have any queries.