Midwifery in Guernsey

Our position

2015 progress review

We recently undertook a visit in Guernsey to review pre-registration nursing education and to follow up on progress made by the local supervising authority (LSA) since the extraordinary review in October 2014 (see below). The review was conducted between 2-4 November 2015, and the findings of that review are included as follows:

Extraordinary LSA follow up review Guernsey 2015

Additional evidence report Guernsey 2015

Review of pre-registration nursing Guernsey 2015

2014 extraordinary review

From 13 October 2014, a review team visited LSA South West (Guernsey). During this visit, the review team found that a number of standards relating to how midwives’ practice was being supervised had not been met.

The team heard also from several people, including service users and practising midwives, who raised wider issues to do with:

  • the care environment
  • policies and procedures
  • governance
  • leadership and management
  • organisational culture.

Following the review, we published reports on maternity services and the wider environment of maternity care:

Extraordinary review report, LSA South West (Guernsey) 2014 

Additional evidence report 2014 

Annexe 2014

We were informed that the LSA and Guernsey’s Health and Social Services Department have put in place measures since the review visit to address some of the immediate concerns raised in the reports.

The HSSD and the LSA shared their draft action plans with us. We considered the action plans and our 2015 visit reviewed progress on their action plans.

Our role

We set standards for midwifery practice and the supervision of midwives. We have powers to act if we receive reports about an issue which could affect public protection. We have no legislative powers to force improvement in the wider environment of maternity care, but in the absence of a system regulator, we took the unprecedented step to raise these issues in order to drive improvements in the interest of public protection in Guernsey.