Introducing powers to allow payment of registration fees by instalment

The consultation is now closed

Overview and consultation outcome

This consultation ran from 11 August to 3 October 2014. It consulted on introducing legal powers that could allow nurses and midwives to pay their registration fee in instalments should they wish to do so in the future. We assessed your responses and found a high level of support for the introduction of these legal powers. We presented our findings to the Council on 3 December 2014 where they approved their introduction. Our consultation outcome can be found here:

Consultation outcome document

The required legislation will now be taken forward for introduction, subject to parliamentary process. The systems and processes to use this legislation in the future will be developed with the aim of implementing payment of the registration fee in instalments during 2016.

About our consultation

We are planning in the future to allow nurses and midwives to pay registration fees by instalments. As a first step, we need to change our legislation and our consultation sought views on these proposed changes.

About our fees

Fees are currently paid in a single payment of £120, payable by a set date. Our current legislation does not enable us to allow payment by instalments. In recent years, frustration at being unable to pay registration fees by instalments has been a consistent theme in our research and consultation activities, particularly in response to our fee consultations.

Our consultation had two main aims:

- To seek views from stakeholders on the legislative changes that would be required to develop options for payment by instalments.

- To gauge the extent of demand for payment by instalments.

Consultation documents

Our payments by instalments consultation document 

This document gives background to the issue, details relevant aspects of our current legislation and explains subsequent stages of the process once legislation changes have been made. An annexe presents the draft registration rules amendments for payment by instalments.

We published a Welsh version of the consultation