We don’t offer clinical advice on vaccines but you can find out more information by visiting the MHRA website and the NHS website.

Read our statement on Covid-19 vaccinations

Vaccination and acting in line with the Code

Administering the vaccine

All registered nurses, midwives and nursing associates (in England), including those on our temporary register, involved in the administration of any Covid-19 or flu vaccine must act in line with the requirements of the Code.

This means that they will need to:

  • have the right knowledge and skills to vaccinate
  • act within the law and in line with the best available evidence
  • follow the national protocol and local policies in the nation where they practise, and
  • balance the need to act in the best interests of people with the requirement to respect a person’s right to accept or refuse treatment.

Exercising your personal views appropriately

We recognise that, like anyone else, those on our register have their own personal views on the Covid-19 vaccine.

As the Code sets out, all registered nursing and midwifery professionals have:

  • a duty to act in a way that puts the interests of those using health and care services first and prioritises their care and safety, and
  • a responsibility to uphold the reputation of their profession, so that people receiving care, other health and care professionals and the wider public, can have confidence in them.

In line with the Code, you should exercise your personal views appropriately - in a way which upholds professionalism and doesn’t cause upset or distress to others.

While we do not consider that solely turning down a Covid-19 vaccination is a basis for a Fitness to Practise referral, where concerns are raised with us about views being expressed inappropriately by someone on our register, for example, extreme anti-vax views, we would consider whether further action is needed.

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