The legislation governing the NMC is set out in the Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001 (the Order), together with its associated Statutory Instruments, and extends to the whole of the UK.

The Order:

  • Requires that we establish and maintain a register and establish the standards of proficiency necessary to be admitted to the different parts of that register (article 5).
  • Provides that the register is divided into parts, each of which has a title indicative of the qualifications, education or training necessary to be on that part (article 6).
  • Entitles a nurse, midwife or nursing associate to use the title corresponding to the part on which they are registered (article 6).
  • Makes it an offence for someone to falsely represent themselves as being on the register, or on a part of it; to use a title to which they are not entitled; or to falsely represent themselves as having qualifications in nursing or midwifery (article 44).

Taken together, these provisions make it a legal requirement for any nurse or midwife practising in the UK or nursing associate practising in England to be on our register.

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