NMC recruiting for new fitness to practise panel members

Published on 22 May 2023

Applications are now open for new members to join our independent fitness to practise panels

We’re looking for at least 70 people to join our pool of lay and registrant independent panel members, to make fair, high-quality decisions on fitness to practise cases. We’re also looking to recruit at least 50 legal assessors to ensure the fairness of proceedings.

Panel members work in groups of three, in which there is always at least one nurse, midwife or nursing associate, and one lay person - someone who’s never been on our register. Panel members collaborate to decide whether a professional is fit to practise and decide what restrictions, if any, to put on their practice to keep people safe.

A legal assessor will also sit with the panel to provide advice and support throughout hearings to ensure panels’ decisions reflect our legislation and guidance, and are clear and well-reasoned.

We want our panels to reflect the diversity of the professionals on our register and the public we serve, so we particularly encourage applicants from professionals with disabilities, professionals from ethnic minority backgrounds, and younger professionals. 

Our number one priority is reducing our fitness to practise caseload. To achieve this, we ask panel members to be available for between 15 and 50 days a year, including four days for a thorough induction when appointed, and one day a year for training and development.

Lesley Maslen, Executive Director of Professional Regulation, said:  

“We want to see nurses, midwives and nursing associates who are fit to practise, to deliver safe, effective and kind care. To do that, we nurture a culture of learning and improvement, so that care becomes better and safer for everyone. 

“When someone raises a question about a professional’s fitness to practise, we give them the chance to address the concerns, but we’ll always take action when needed. That’s where our panel members come in.

“In the most serious of cases, panel members collaborate to come to a decision about whether a professional is fit to practise and decide what restrictions, if any, to put on the professional’s practice to keep people safe. 

“With that in mind, and in the interests of people and communities, we want to hear from applicants who demonstrate our values of being fair, kind, ambitious and collaborative - while championing our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.”

Further information:

  • The closing date for applications is 13:00, Friday 9 June.
  • You can find out more about the roles and how to apply on our website

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