Becoming nurses, midwives and nursing associates: living by #OurCode

Published on 05 March 2024

A new NMC campaign aims to strengthen students’ understanding of the Code and standards, which will guide them to become confident practitioners delivering safe, effective and kind care for people.

#OurCode is a social media campaign driven by student reflections about what it means to practice in line with the Code. The campaign will help students to reflect on:  

  • how the Code can guide them to develop their professional judgement and decision making 
  • how to lean on the Code in challenging situations 
  • how to treat people in a person-centred way  
  • the importance of listening to, and working in partnership with, people who use services.  

Nursing and midwifery students can share their stories, reflections and videos on X, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #OurCode and tag us @nmcnews.   

Our student hub also includes helpful guidance and resources about how the Code and standards support future and registered professionals to deliver the safe, effective and kind care everyone has the right to receive.   

Sam Foster, NMC Executive Director of Professional Practice, said: 

“It’s wonderful to see the excitement and pride so many nursing and midwifery students have in their chosen professions. Nurses, midwives and nursing associates are at the heart of the health and care system, and as the professionals of tomorrow it’s vital that students are supported to deliver the best possible care for people.   

“Becoming a qualified professional is about understanding the Code and standards, and putting that knowledge into practice. It means listening to people’s wishes, working within a team to navigate through opportunities and challenges, and using the right skills to positively impact the lives of others.   

“The NMC is always here to offer guidance on how the Code and standards can support students through their education and future careers. We hope this campaign will inspire a sense of professional pride among students – they’re joining a community of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who don't just know the Code and standards, but live by them too.”   

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