Search for approved nursing, midwifery or nursing associate education programmes

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  How to use this tool

Programmes the tool covers

This tool shows programmes that offer a formal qualification from our approved education providers. There are separate arrangements for nursing associate education programmes. Find out more about becoming a nursing associate.

Getting the most out of your search

If you search only by country, you’ll receive a large number of results. You should also try searching by the course or approved education institution criteria.

Non-NMC approved courses

We've been made aware of a number of non NMC approved ‘nursing diploma’ courses being offered on various external websites. Please be aware that these courses do not contribute to a formal qualification from our approved education providers and will not lead to registration with us.

Compliance with our standards

The 'compliant with standards post-2018' column indicates whether or not a programme has been approved against the new standards for education and training. If it says ‘no’ in this column, this programme has not yet been approved against our new standards and has only been approved against our pre-2018 standards. Pre-2018 standards will remain in use until 1 September 2020.

Fall back awards

Please note that any approved programmes that contain “fall back award” within the programme title, are not direct entry routes i.e. students cannot enrol onto these courses.