Our Professional Strategic Advisory Group is made up of senior nurses and midwives, as well as leaders in education and health. They work within a range of settings across the four countries of the UK.

The group meets four times a year and chaired by Sam Foster, Executive Director, Professional Practice.

This group helps us better understand the priorities and concerns of leaders in nursing and midwifery, making sure that their expertise can shape the work we do.

Read our Terms of Reference to find out more about how PSAG works and the roles and responsibilities of PSAG members


Members of our Professional Strategic Advisory Group include:

Susan Aitkenhead 
Mandy Bailey
Derek Barron
Marie Batey
Jane Cummings
Helene Donnelly
Richard Greenwood
Felicia Kwaku
Lynne Laine
Jenny Leggott
Ruth May
Fiona McQueen
Anne Marie Rafferty
Paul Rafferty
Julie Walker
Mary Hinds
Miriam Watts
Stephanie Aiken
Claire Bevan
Sue Boran
Joanne Bosanquet
Christopher Burton
Anne Cleary
Jacqui Featherstone
Ann Gow
Alison Hofman
Chris Hooper
Karen Jewell
Deborah Kelly
Gillian Knight
Mary Frances McManus
Crystal Oldman
Melanie Robinson
Senga Steel
Jean White
Karen Wilson
Paul Galdas
Frances Dodd
Fiona Holley
Greta Westwood

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If you have any questions about our Professional Strategic Advisory Group, please email psag@nmc-uk.org.