Paying your fee

Methods of paying the annual fee

The annual registration fee is £120. You can pay for your registration in the following ways.

  • NMC Online
  • Direct debit
  • Cheque or banker’s draft
  • Telephone

NMC Online, Online Payments and direct debits will be unavailable for users from 18:00 on Friday 6 November.

We are sorry for any inconvenience. All three systems should be accessible from 18:00 on Saturday 7 November.

Please note, if you do not pay using NMC Online, you must complete and return any forms enclosed with your pack, such as your notification of practice (NoP) form, well before your registration expiry date. Without these forms we cannot process your application and your registration may lapse.

NMC Online is the only way to access the NoP form via our website.

We are unable to accept cash payments for the registration fee at our office.

See information about the fee changing in 2015 to £120.

If you don’t submit your documentation or fees before your due date your registration will automatically lapse and you will be unable to practice. From November 2015, should you allow your registration to lapse the only way to regain registration would be by applying for readmission. That process can take two to six weeks, depending on your circumstances. You would be unable to practise during that period. 

NMC Online

You can pay your registration fee by logging on to NMC Online.  Using the service, you can also complete and submit the required paperwork online. Make sure you make your payment and submissions well before your registration expiry date.

Currently, only annual registration fees can be paid through NMC Online. If you need to pay for another registration fee, please use another payment method.

Online payment

Visit our online payments page to pay online. You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Electron. This is the easiest way to pay all types of registration fees including readmissions, verifications, recorded qualifications and overseas application assessments.

Direct debit

The easiest way to pay your registration fee is by direct debit. You can use our online service in NMC Online to set up a direct debit.

Currently, only annual registration fees can be paid by direct debit. If you need to pay for another registration fee, please use another payment method.

By cheque or banker’s draft

We prefer to receive payment using NMC Online, direct debit, or online payment, as these methods are faster and cost less to process. However, you can also pay by cheque or banker’s draft using the giro slip from your registration pack. Post it to us using the envelope provided along with your cheque or banker’s draft.

You can also take the completed giro slip to your bank or any HSBC branch and pay by cash, cheque or banker’s draft.

Cheques and banker’s drafts should be made payable to the NMC, with your NMC Pin or pre-registration number (PRN) written on the reverse.


You can pay all fees by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or Visa Electron over the phone, and set up a direct debit at the same time. Call our registration team on 020 7333 9333 to pay your registration fee or get advice on paying fees.