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The training nurses and midwives get

Our pre-registration nurses and midwives must meet

We set the standards that approved education institutions (AEIs) must keep to, as well as the standards that student nurses and midwives must meet to enter and stay on our register. However, we do not set the curriculum that students follow as individual AEIs are responsible for setting these. Our pre-registration nursing and midwifery standards include:

  • the minimum length of pre-registration programmes
  • the criteria to be met at progression points
  • the core competencies that all students must meet in order to progress through their programme and gain entry into the register.

Our pre-registration nursing standards include specific guidance for each of the four pre-registration nursing specialisms: adult, children’s, learning disabilities and mental health. As well as the standards relating to nursing specialisms, all pre-registration nursing programmes include standards for students to care for all patient groups. It is important that all registered nurses are able to deal with the majority of nursing roles.

We also publish guidance for specific post-registration qualifications, some of which are recorded on our register. These post-registration standards mostly relate to specialist community public health nursing qualifications.

Although student nurses and midwives are not registered with us, it is expected that they will keep to our Code.

Our role in education