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Better and safer midwifery

We regulate the UK’s 42,000 midwives to make sure they meet the standards needed to protect women, babies and families. The Code sets out the standards of practice and behaviour we expect of all registered midwives. 

Donna Ockenden speaks about her role as Senior Midwifery Adviser to the NMC

Other midwifery advisers to the NMC

We also have two new senior midwifery advisers who work with us in the Education and Standards Directorate. They are Jacqui Williams who comes with a vast knowledge of midwifery education and Verena Wallace who is a midwifery policy expert. Both midwives have extensive experience and cover the wider work on midwifery matters across the NMC.

How we regulate midwifery

Midwifery is recognised in the law as a distinct profession, with its own part of the NMC register.

Following changes to midwifery supervision, we're now solely responsible for all aspects of the regulation of midwives.

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How we set standards for midwives

Midwives have their own education standards and standards of competence

We’re now working with midwives, mothers and their families to develop new standards of proficiency to make sure that midwives of the future are prepared for the challenges that will face them in their careers.

The midwifery panel

We're proud to be advised by some of the most influential and respected people working in midwifery today.

These leaders sit on the NMC’s Midwifery Panel, which was established in 2015 to give us the high-level advice we need on some of the key issues facing the profession.

Panel members include the Chief Nursing Officers from the four countries of the UK, representatives from our Council, the Royal College of Midwives and other senior figures.

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