This survey is designed for midwives, student midwives, educators, employers and organisations.

If you don’t belong to one of these groups, please go back to the main consultation page.

Before you start the survey

You’ll need to read these documents :

What's in the survey

We’ll ask you some questions about the draft standards of proficiency, some on the draft programme standards, and some questions about you.

To progress through the survey you’ll need to select a response for each question. If you’d like to expand on your answers, you can do so in the comment boxes.

If you need more time

You can save your progress and return to complete and submit the survey at a later time.

Click the ‘save’ button, you’ll be asked to enter your email address and a link will be emailed to you.

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When does the consultation close?

 9 May 2019

Other languages and formats

We can provide an electronic Word document on request (English and Welsh).
Please email us on consultations@nmc-uk.org.

If you’d prefer to submit your consultation response by email or post, please send it to:
consultations@nmc-uk.org or

Future Midwife Consultation,
Education & Standards,
Nursing and Midwifery Council,
23 Portland Place,
London, W1B 1PZ

How we’re consulting

This survey is being conducted by Pye Tait Consulting, an independent research company, on behalf of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Pye Tait are members of the Market Research Society and all responses to this survey will be treated confidentially by Pye Tait Consulting and reported to the NMC anonymously in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act 2018.

All consultation responses will be analysed by Pye Tait and the findings will be reported to the NMC.

The survey is hosted by Snap Survey on behalf of Pye Tait.

How we'll use your responses

After the consultation has closed your responses will be independently analysed and help us finalise our standards later this year.

Your personal data will be collected and stored in line with our privacy policy. The survey data will be anonymised (this means removing anything that could identify you or anyone else talked about in the data).

The anonymised data will be used in our reports and potentially in academic articles. The anonymised data may also be stored so other users can access it in the future.

Any questions

Please contact the Future Midwife team on consultations@nmc-uk.org.

Additional information

Evidence used to inform the draft future midwife standards (Cymraeg)

Download the consultation leaflet