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Changes to midwifery supervision

Our legal framework changed on 31 March 2017 to separate the function of midwifery supervision from regulation. 

We asked for this after a number of critical incidents and independent reports confirmed that the previous supervision arrangements were not appropriate for public protection.

The changes mean we're now solely responsible for all aspects of midwifery regulation and all midwifery referrals are now made directly to us. 

However, the status of midwifery as a distinct profession, its protected title and function or the scope of midwifery practice weren't affected.

See the Government response to the consultation on the proposed changes.

New models of supervision

Although the changes mean that supervision is no longer linked to regulation, this doesn't mean that the positive aspects of supervision are going to be lost.

Each of the four countries of the UK are taking forward their own plans for new models of supervision that are led by employers. These models focus on supporting and developing effective midwifery practice. We believe that the things most valued by midwives about supervision are continuing across the UK.

You can find out more about the new models of supervision being developed across the UK below:

Midwifery supervision in England

Midwifery supervision in Northern Ireland

Midwifery supervision in Scotland

Midwifery supervision in Wales

Intention to Practise notices

Previously, if a midwife intended to practise in the UK, they were required to submit an Intention to Practise (ItP) notice to their supervisor of midwives each year. 

Midwives are no longer required to confirm their intention to practise to their supervisor of midwives. Instead, their entry on our register will simply show their registration status and renewal date.

To remain effective on the register, they will need to pay their annual fee and revalidate every three years as usual.