Notification of practice form

How to renew your registration online

Anyone with an expiry date of April 2016 onwards will need to apply for revalidation in order to renew their registration. Before then the notification of practice (NoP) form should be submitted every three years. If you only need to pay the annual retention fee this year, please do not complete the form.

Before completing your NoP form, you may find it helpful to read the instruction notes.

If you don’t submit your documentation or fees before your due date, your registration will automatically lapse and you will be unable to practice. From November 2015, should you allow your registration to lapse, the only way to regain registration would be by applying for readmission. That process can take two to six weeks, depending on your circumstances. You would be unable to practise during that period. 

Using NMC Online

Filling in the NoP form online is the most efficient way of renewing your registration. It is the only way of completing the form via our website.

Your record will be updated within 24 hours. To complete your NoP form, log in to your NMC Online account. It is best to do this well before your expiry date. 

Filling in your form and returning by post

If you choose to fill in the paper NoP form we included in your renewal pack, please be aware that this can take up to five days to process once we have received it.

If the form is not marked correctly, it will be rejected and we will send you another form to complete. This will cause delay and possibly lapse your registration, which may affect your ability to work or practise. We therefore recommend that you send the form to us as early as possible.

Other information

You will also be required to declare previous charges, cautions or conviction you may have. For information on what offences you should or should not declare, see our section on police charges, cautions and convictions.

If you do not want to renew your registration, please move directly to step four and sign and date the declaration.

Please make sure your form and fee reach us as early as possible, at least by the 15th of the month your registration is due to expire. This is to make sure that your registration is updated without risk of lapsing.

Please send your form to:

Nursing and Midwifery Council
23 Portland Place