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Register as a nursing associate if you trained outside the EU/EEA

Completing your application

Once we’ve confirmed your qualification is comparable, or we've had confirmation you’ve successfully completed the test of competence, we’ll ask you to submit your full registration application.

What you'll need to provide

During this stage, we'll check that you meet our other registration requirements. These requirements are the same for all of the professionals on our register regardless of where they trained or practised.

This means you'll need to provide evidence via NMC Online that shows you meet our:

We’ll also ask you to tell us your scope of practise and provide details of your work setting and employer in England if you know this.

You’ll have six months from the point we ask you to submit your full application to ensure that we receive all the information we ask for, including verification from your referees (like your medical practitioner), otherwise we'll close your application.

When you're ready to submit your application, you'll need to pay the £153 registration fee.

This fee will be refunded if:

  • you withdraw your application before we can complete your registration,
  • we close your application because you haven’t provided all the necessary information within six months
  • your application is unsuccessful because we determine that you don’t meet our registration requirements. 

Verifying your documents

As we’ll be asking you to upload some scanned documents as part of your application we’ll need to see the original documents at a face-to-face verification check.

We recommend you have these documents ready to present at your OSCE, so we can check their authenticity at the same time you take the test. You’ll then also have them ready to upload to your application once you’ve passed the test of competence.

It’s okay if you don’t have them in time for your OSCE, but you’ll need to return to the OSCE centre or our London office at a later stage to have your verification check before we register you.

When we might need more information

We may need to ask you for more information if any of the details you provide are unclear or appear incomplete, or if you or your referee(s) provide conflicting information.

We may also ask you for further information if you:

  • indicate you have a health condition and/or disability that you’re not managing.
  • declare you have received any criminal cautions, convictions or determinations relating to a fitness to practice impairment we may need more information.

You’ll have an opportunity to provide additional information regarding any of the above with your application, so we recommend you provide as much information as possible to begin with to help us assess your application more quickly.

If we need to ask for more information at any point we will contact you by email.

What happens next 

Once we've received all your supporting information, we'll aim to assess your application with 35 calendar days.

We’ll then contact you by email to let you know the outcome and your next steps.