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Register as a nursing associate if you trained in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales

We’re here to support you to deliver the highest standard of care throughout your career.

Before starting your application for registration as a nursing associate in England, we recommend you read the following pages carefully.

They set out our registration requirements and give an overview of the application process, so you know what we’ll ask you for and what you can expect along the way.

A new role within the nursing team

A nursing associate is a new member of the nursing team who will provide care and support for patients and service users. It is a new role being introduced into the health and care workforce in England.

It’s a generic role, which means that nursing associates may work with people of all ages, in a variety of settings within health and social care and across the fields of nursing, whereas nurses may develop additional skills and knowledge within a specific field of nursing.

Nursing associates will provide support to registered nurses and are professionals, accountable for their practice.

We only regulate and set the standards for nursing associate programmes in England. If you want to work as a nursing associate in England, you’ll need to register with us.

Application overview

The application process is split into several stages. We’ll ask you to provide information throughout so that we can:

You’ll also need to:

  • successfully complete both parts of the test of competence if your qualification isn’t comparable to a course we’d approve in England
  • pay the evaluation and registration fees
  • confirm you’ve an appropriate indemnity arrangement in place (or you will do when you're working as a nursing associate)
  • attend a face-to-face verification check once you’re in the UK.

The pages in this section explain what you'll need to do in more detail at each stage of your application.

Ready to start?

Once you’ve read and understood our registration requirements and application process you can start your application.

Don't worry if you're not ready yet. You can read on to find out more about the application process before you start.