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What will I be expected to know?

It's important to remember that the OSCE is designed to test your ability to apply your theoretical knowledge to clinical practice. It’s not designed as a test of how well you can remember a series of facts or can recite a script.

The questions in the OSCE relate to current evidence-based practice in the United Kingdom. The equipment you’ll use in the OSCE will be the equipment currently used across the United Kingdom.

How you can prepare

Our approved test centres have published a number of resources to help you prepare for your exam, such as:

  • a candidate information booklet
  • mock OSCE scenario
  • OSCE top tips

Visit the relevant test centre website for more information:

You can also find links to materials that we've published below.

Essential NMC reading

  • The Code - this presents the professional standards that all professionals on our register must uphold in order to be registered to practise

Standards of proficiency

Test blueprints