To demonstrate that you have practised in English, you must provide us with evidence that you have recently practised for one year as a nurse, midwife or nursing associate in a country where country where English is a majority spoken language.

You must have completed an English language assessment or examination as part of your registration as a nurse or midwife outside of the UK, or as a nursing associate outside of England (see below if you are applying to be a nursing associate and your practice was not regulated). 

We may require confirmation from each of your employers that the practice you undertook was in English and that you have the necessary knowledge of English to practise safely and effectively in the UK.

By recent we mean that the end of the period of practice you are relying on must be within the last two years at the point we are considering your complete application.

Applying as a nursing associate if your practice was not registered

If you are applying to the nursing associate part of the register and have been practising for at least one year in a country where English is a majority spoken language in a role that is not regulated, you can use this practice provided that your role corresponds to that of a nursing associate, and you used the skills, knowledge and experience you gained from the qualification you are relying on as part of your registration application.

We may ask for a reference from your employer (or employers) to confirm that your role corresponded to that of a nursing associate. You must also have successfully completed a language assessment as part of your employment.

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