Revalidation continuing to have a positive impact on attitudes and behaviours of nurses and midwives

7 August 2018

Latest findings from the independent evaluation being conducted by Ipsos MORI suggests that revalidation is continuing to have a positive impact on the attitudes and behaviours of nurses and midwives.

Evidence suggests that the NMC’s landmark programme is encouraging nurses and midwives to analyse the care they give by reflecting on their practice and seeking feedback from colleagues, patients and service users. Reflective practice in particular is viewed as a likely driving force behind changing attitudes and behaviours among nurses and midwives.

Many of those who have been through revalidation feel positive towards the process. There is evidence of a growing understanding of the Code and continued positive attitudes towards its role in nurses and midwives practice. Many of those who have revalidated agree that the Code is improving the quality of their practice and is central to the care they provide.

Latest figures from the NMC’s second revalidation annual report show that 204,218 nurses and midwives revalidated in the past year, with 406,917 revalidating since the process began in 2016. Around two thirds of the UK’s nurses and midwives have now revalidated with the NMC. Figures also show that 56 percent of those revalidating work in a hospital setting, with 18 percent working in the community and 8 percent working in care homes. Other settings include GP practices, prisons and schools.

Registered nurse, Adriana Brad, said:

“At the first glance revalidation can look a little scary and complicated but once you read all the helpful materials available online and you start work on it is a straight forward process, very easy and enjoyable.

"It gives you a chance to look back at your development and freshen up your knowledge and experience. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on all the years you have worked and help improve your practice. It’s great to review and refresh your development over time!”

Emma Broadbent, NMC Director of Registration and Revalidation, said:

“Nurses and midwives deliver world class care to millions of people across the UK each year. Whether in hospitals, care homes or the community, revalidation is helping them to improve the care that they deliver. They’re reflecting more on their practice, analysing what they can improve and using what they learn to develop as professionals.

“Over 400,000 nurses and midwives have now revalidated but we know that many thousands more will do so in the coming months and we’ll take on board the recommendations of this evaluation as we continue to support all those going through the process.”


Notes for editors

  1. Both reports can be found on our website.
  2. For media enquiries, please contact NMC press office on 020 7681 5649 or email
  3. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is the independent professional regulator for nurses and midwives in the UK. We exist to protect the public. We do this by maintaining the register of qualified nurses and midwives and setting standards of education, training, conduct and performance. We make sure that nurses and midwives keep their skills and knowledge up to date through a regular revalidation process. If concerns are raised about the standards of a registered nurse or midwife, we have a duty to investigate and, where necessary, take action to protect the public.