Revalidation - updated guidance and key documents

Published on 23 December 2015

Updates made to key guidance for Revalidation

In order to ensure nurses and midwives are able to go through the process of revalidation in the most straightforward way possible, we have committed to updating our revalidation guidance documents regularly to take into account feedback and ensure the information we provide is as clear as possible.

As a result of this we have now published revised versions of the following materials:

The most notable change to these documents concerns the advice surrounding the electronic storage of the reflective discussion and confirmation forms. We have been in regular contact with the Information Commissioner's Office on this matter and we are pleased to say that they have now updated their advice for nurses and midwives. We have reflected this updated advice in "How to revalidate with the NMC" as follows:

Your reflective discussion form and confirmation form contain personal data about another person. This means that there are data protection implications for nurses and midwives completing these forms. However, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) recognises that it would be highly disproportionate to expect nurses and midwives to have to register with them as data controllers. The ICO has confirmed that it is not planning to take any action against any nurse or midwife for failing to register. You may choose to store your completed reflective discussion and confirmation forms in either paper or electronic format. You should still respect the fact that these forms contain personal data about your reflective discussion partner and confirmer.

While it is important that nurses, midwives and employers always look at the latest version of the guidance, there has been no change to the model of revalidation. The changes we have made will simply provide clarity around certain areas.

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