NMC launches sixth annual EDI report

We’ve published our latest Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) report for 2017/18.

NMC's Key achievements over the past twelve months include:

  • Launching a successful recruitment campaign to address under-representation of ethnic minorities and younger people on our Fitness to Practise panels.
  • Establishing a working group to discuss issues of accessibility for disabled people.
  • Delivering trans awareness training for our employees.
  • Improving the diversity data that we hold about nurses, midwives and our panellists.

To mark the publication of the report we held an event in London where Emma Broadbent, NMC Director of Registration and Revalidation and senior sponsor for EDI, discussed the report’s findings and our priorities for next year.

EDI experts including Roger Kline, a research fellow at Middlesex University, also talked about how important it is for regulators to consider EDI in their work.

Emma Broadbent said:

“EDI is a top priority for the NMC. As an organisation, we’re here to serve the public and it’s vital that we’re open and transparent about what we’re doing to improve equality, diversity and inclusion and that we’re honest with ourselves when we need to do more. 

“We’ve made significant progress over the past twelve months, particularly in terms of the information we hold and the efforts we’ve made to address both under-representation and over-representation of particular groups in different areas of our work. But we know there’s much more that we can and must do.

“We’re committed to building on what we’ve achieved in the past twelve months and ensuring the EDI remains front and centre of our work in the years to come."

Roger Kline said:

“Regulators have an important part to play in ensuring healthcare staff are treated fairly. That is particularly true for those groups of staff who have experienced disproportionate disciplinary action and referrals to regulators, often in an environment of blame not learning.

“In the last couple of years the NMC, in adopting a much more open equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, and its new Fitness to Practise strategy, has acknowledged the role it has to play in eliminating discriminatory practices and promoting inclusion.

“In doing so it has understood the importance of seeing equality, diversity and inclusion not only as a matter of compliance but crucially as a core element of service improvement. There is a great deal more to be done but significant progress is being made”

Read the full report.

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