NMC issues joint statement welcoming the Government’s response to the Law Commissions’ proposals

Published on 29 January 2015

The NMC today joins representatives of patients’ groups, nursing and midwifery professional bodies, unions, and systems and education representatives in calling on political leaders to commit to bringing forward a bill reforming health care regulation.

Welcoming the Government’s response to the Law Commissions’ proposals, NMC Chief Executive and Registrar, Jackie Smith said:

“We are continually constrained by a legal framework which ties us to inefficient practices. In order to become a modern, effective and efficient regulator, we need a legislative framework which is less prescriptive to allow us to be flexible and responsive in a constantly changing regulatory and healthcare environment.

“We will need time to consider the Government’s response in detail. There has clearly been some welcome reflection on some of the Law Commissions’ recommendations but we recognise the need for further debate on others.

“There is widespread consensus that this change in our legislation is necessary. Together we are calling on all the main political parties to commit to take forward as soon as possible in the next parliament an overarching healthcare regulation bill.”

Joint statement [PDF]

Our statement on Better legislation for better regulation

Government response to the Law Commission: Written Statement 

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