New language requirements for registration for European trained nurses and midwives to be introduced

Published on 12 October 2015

We are introducing new language controls for EU nurses and midwives

From 18 January 2016 for the first time European trained nurses and midwives wanting to join the register will need to prove that they have the necessary knowledge of English to practise safely and effectively in the UK. We are not imposing a blanket language test on European trained applicants, but if they are unable to provide sufficient evidence of language skills – such as having trained or worked in an English-speaking country, they will be directed to undertake an English language assessment.

UK trained nurses and midwives who have completed our approved pre-registration course will automatically meet the English language requirements.

In addition, the legislation will give us a new basis for investigating registered nurses’ or midwives’ fitness to practise relating to patient safety concerns over their ability to communicate effectively in English.

The new requirements will act to together to strengthen public protection and ensure that we are compliant with recent changes in EU legislation.

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