Maintaining registration

Published on 04 August 2015

Applying for readmission is to become the only route back onto the register

From November anyone who allows their registration to lapse will need to make an application for readmission to regain access to the register. This process can take between two and six weeks, depending on circumstances.

A nurse or midwife's registration lapses from midnight on their expiry date if we have not received the documentation and fee in time to process them. We are now removing the short administrative window in which late submissions from nurses and midwives were processed without requiring them to apply for readmission. In these instances, the person’s registration was recorded as lapsed until their registration became effective again.

Although the vast majority of nurses and midwives keep their registration up to date, a small number of people have regularly allowed their registration to lapse. If they have continued to work, this contravenes the Code and is illegal. It can also cause difficulties for nurses and midwives with their employers, who require them to be registered.

We are making this change now to simplify the process and ensure consistency which will enable us to make the necessary changes to introduce a facility to give nurses and midwives the option to pay their registration fees in quarterly instalments. This means that we need to change our systems to introduce multiple payment points and these need to be calculated from a definitive renewal point.

An NMC Online account is the easiest and most immediate way to maintain registration, giving a nurse or midwife access to their registration record as well as sending them confirmation of their registration status following renewal.

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