NMC resumes overseas registration

Announces further review which aims for gold standard policy within twelve months

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) resumes the overseas registration of nurses and midwives today, Tuesday 2 April 2013. New information on how to apply is available on the website.

Applicants already in the system will be written to if and when the NMC requires more information from them. The immediate priority is to process these applications. New applications are welcome, and additional staff have been brought in, but new applicants may experience some delays.

The NMC has streamlined and eliminated duplication in its processes.

The measures now in place ensure that the existing policy is applied firmly, fairly, legally and consistently, to protect the public.

The NMC also announces today a wide ranging review of the policy itself, with the intention of creating a gold standard overseas registrations system.  It will consider proposals such as:

  • On identity, requiring applicants to attend in person with their identity documents
  • On assessing skills and experience, to administer written, oral or practical tests, as permitted under our legislation, for some or all applicants.

The NMC will produce proposals, consult, and then implement a new policy within 12 months. It will conduct reviews of EU and UK registrations, including consultations, within two years. Stakeholders have been closely involved and all interested parties will be invited to engage with these reviews.

NMC Chief Executive Jackie Smith said, “Our purpose is to protect the public. We are committed to review all our policies and procedures, with that aim.”

The NMC is committed to a system of revalidation to be introduced by 2015, which is risk based and proportionate. Such a system will be further assurance to ensure the continued fitness to practise of nurses and midwives and public safety.

Council agreed at its March meeting to review all supplementary fees, which includes the fee for overseas registration, in the summer. The principle they agreed was that supplementary fees should cover the costs of the activity.

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