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NMC launches new quality assurance framework and appoints provider to deliver its operations

Following a thorough tendering exercise, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has appointed Mott McDonald to operationally deliver quality assurance of nursing and midwifery education and the supervision of midwives.

Quality assurance is an important regulatory function with a key role in public protection. It ensures that education programmes meet the NMC’s Standards of education, that supervision of midwives adheres to the Midwives rules and standards and that risks are managed and minimised effectively.

Quality assurance activities will be carried out within a new framework from September 2013. The framework, which was informed by stakeholder feedback, ensures that quality assurance activities operate effectively. It aims to:

  • Increase lay involvement through the increased use of reviewers who are neither nurses nor midwives.
  • Increase the proactive management of emerging risk by ensuring that all relevant institutions have appropriate safeguards in place to protect the public.
  • Reduce the burden of regulation on well-performing education institutions and Local Supervising Authorities (LSAs) over the three year cycle.
  • Ensure that quality assurance focuses on outcomes of education and supervision of midwives as opposed to dictating how standards should be met.

Dr. Katerina Kolyva, Director of Continued Practice said:

“We worked with a range of individuals and organisations to develop the new framework for quality assurance. This will ensure that quality assurance operates more transparently and proportionately to ensure public protection. 

“Both education and LSA quality assurance will be carried out by the same supplier and within the new framework from September. This will align the two operations, helping to make them more consistent.”

Mott McDonald will report to the NMC, which retains the strategic oversight of quality assurance. Information gathered will be published in regular quality assurance activities reports.

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