We’ve had a fantastic response from the professionals who have joined our Covid-19 temporary register to support the fight against coronavirus and we’re incredibly grateful for all of your work so far.

While we’re not expecting the Covid-19 temporary register to close any time soon, we recognise that some of you may want to continue to practise once the emergency is lifted and the Covid-19 temporary register closes.

This page explains what you need to do if you would like to move to full registration.

If you are an overseas registration candidate

You will need to successfully complete your OSCE before joining the full register.

Taking the OSCE is an important way for you to show that you have all the necessary skills to complete your overseas application and practise unsupervised on our permanent register.

You can stay on our temporary register and continue to work while you take your OSCE. Once you’ve passed your test and joined our permanent register, the current conditions on your practice will be removed.

Find out more about taking the OSCE during this time.

If you were previously on our permanent register

You can apply for readmission to our permanent register in line with our return to practice (RtP) standards and readmission process at any time during or after your temporary registration.

As part of your readmission application, you must demonstrate that you have either:

  • completed 750 practice hours over 5 years
  • completed 450 practice hours over 3 years
  • completed a return to practice programme, or
  • completed a test of competence

Using your temporary registration practice hours

Any hours you have practised on the temporary register will count as practice hours needed for readmission to the register, along with any other practising hours as a nurse or midwife while on the permanent register within the last 3 or 5 years. 

If you do not meet the required practice hours, you can either complete a return to practice programme or undertake a test of competence.

Find out more about readmission to the permanent register.

Health and care services across the UK are looking at how they can support people to return to permanent practice in the longer term. We’ll update this page with more details of these options once they become available.