Information we request from the nurse and midwife

Reference: INV-1b

Last Updated 28/07/2017


As part of our process we routinely invite the nurse or midwife to submit a response to the regulatory concerns at the start and end of the investigation. Our aim in doing so is to understand what the nurse or midwife says about the regulatory concerns and gather evidence of any reflection or remediation.

Responding to the regulatory concerns, for example by providing reflection on the events that have led to the concerns, can often result in positive outcomes for the nurse or midwife. It may reduce the level of investigation required and lead to the case being resolved earlier. Where a response is submitted early enough we can also, where relevant and proportionate to do so, follow up on any important issues to make sure we are in possession of all the facts, focus our enquiries on the most serious matters and those which are in dispute.

While early engagement is key to ensuring we make timely and proportionate decisions, there is no duty on the nurse or midwife to submit a response to the regulatory concerns. However, not engaging with us during the course of our enquiries can limit the available outcomes of the case.