Gathering information

Reference: INV-1a

Last Updated 28/07/2017


Our investigation will usually begin by seeking documentary evidence of the factual issues and speaking to those involved. We may liaise with referrers, employers and witnesses to ensure we have a full picture of what happened and how serious it was. Given the sensitive nature of much of the information and documentation required, we consider that all requests for information should be relevant, reasonable and proportionate. We will continually assess what that information is telling us, whether it changes the level of risk and what further investigative steps are required as a result.

Our powers to request information are set out in Article 25(1) of the Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001. This authorises us to require any person, other than the nurse or midwife who is the subject of our concerns, to provide information and documents which appear relevant to our investigation.

We may require those who supply us with information or documentation to provide a witness statement which contains a statement of truth and confirmation that they are willing to attend a hearing to give evidence. If this happens we will offer additional support or information to assist with this process. We will send the statements we obtain to the nurse or midwife.

If we are unable to obtain the information or documentation required, or key witnesses are not willing to assist, it is likely the case examiners will conclude that the concerns are not capable of being proved.