More efficient to wait for the other investigation to conclude

Reference: INV-6d

Last Updated 28/07/2017


Sometimes waiting for another investigation to conclude will mean that our investigation can be substantially quicker or otherwise more efficient than if we were to investigate for ourselves straight away. An example is where an employer's investigation is close to a conclusion and they have interviewed many of the witnesses we intend to contact. Equally, it may be that the outcome of the other investigation will have an impact on our case in terms of how much of the evidence is likely to be available, or whether the nurse midwife’s fitness to practise is still likely to be in question.

Depending on how significant that effect is likely to be, it may be more sensible to wait for the outcome of the other investigation before we continue with our own investigation.

We will also need to consider how far the other investigation needs to get before we can start our investigation. We rarely need to delay an investigation simply for a disciplinary hearing to take place where we have already been provided with the evidence from an employer's investigation.

Sometimes the other investigating organisation is better placed than us to carry out the investigation because of the nature or scale of the allegations. Putting our case on hold would therefore be reasonable assuming all other lines of inquiry have been pursued.