Public and private

Reference: HEA-14

Last Updated 28/07/2017


In general, fitness to practise hearings are held in public.1 This means that members of the press and public can observe the hearing process and the decisions made by a panel. All panel decisions are recorded in a written decisions document. After the hearing, the document is published on our website.

In some cases a panel will decide that some or all of the hearing should be in private.2 In a private hearing, any members of the press or public will be asked to leave. The panel’s published written decision will not contain any information that is considered private.

The decision to hear all or part of a hearing in private and what to publish is a decision for a panel to make after hearing the advice of the legal assessor.

Meetings are held without parties present. However, all panel decisions from meetings are recorded in a written document, which is published on our website.

1 Rule 19(1) of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (Fitness to Practise) Rules 2004 (the Rules), and in accordance with the principle of open justice.
2 Rule 19(4) of the Rules