Preliminary meetings

Reference: HEA-6

Last Updated 28/07/2017



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Preliminary meetings are an important case management tool. They allow the parties to raise and resolve issues in advance that could cause delays at the final hearing. We also use them to cancel a hearing.1

Preliminary meetings can be requested by us or by the nurse or midwife being investigated. Preliminary meetings can only be arranged once the case examiners have made a case to answer finding and referred the case to the Fitness to Practise Committee.

Preliminary meetings cannot be held if a panel of the Fitness to Practise Committee has started hearing a case and it has gone part heard. Instead, we will arrange a case management meeting before the same panel.

Who can attend a preliminary meeting?

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Preliminary meetings are held in private before a Chair of the Fitness to Practise Committee. The nurse or midwife, along with their representative, will have the opportunity to attend in person, or by telephone. A legal assessor will also be present to help with questions of law. We provide at least 14 days’ notice of a preliminary meeting to the nurse or midwife.

1 Rule 33 of The Nursing and Midwifery Council (Fitness to Practise) Rules 2004 (“the Rules”)