Informing the referrer about a decision to offer no evidence

Reference: HEA-10c

Last Updated 28/07/2017


Where the decision has been taken to offer no evidence after the notice of hearing has been sent, and the referrer can be informed about the decision without causing any prejudice to any future hearing (e.g. because the referrer is not a witness in the case), the referrer will be informed of the decision and the reasons for it. They will also be told that the panel may decide to proceed on the charge of its own accord.

Where the referrer is a witness, we will decide what information can be given to the referrer. The presumption is that the referrer should be given as much information as possible. However, they may not always receive an explanation for the decision in advance of the hearing. In these circumstances, the referrer will be told of the decision, and will receive a full explanation after the hearing.