Further investigation

Reference: HEA-5a

Last Updated 28/07/2017


In some cases we will consider that there is further evidence that we need to obtain before a case is ready for a final hearing. There are a number of reasons why we may need to get further evidence, for example:

  • we have received new information that we need to investigate fully
  • we require further information that clarifies or expands on earlier evidence we have obtained
  • a previously unavailable witness can now provide a witness statement in relation to the event that occurred.

If a nurse or midwife is being investigated due to concerns that their health affects their fitness to practise, we may need to get up-to-date tests or medical reports. We may need these even if we have already obtained a report, as a panel may need to know if anything has changed since the initial report.

If we do have to get further information in order for the case to be appropriately prepared, we will provide the nurse or midwife with a copy of any evidence we have obtained and tell them if we plan to rely on it at the hearing.

If the nurse or midwife has requested that we obtain further information to assist their case, we will consider this as part of our duties under disclosure.