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Incorrect or fraudulent entry decision making at hearings

Reference: HEA-16

Last Updated 15/12/2017


When it considers an allegation of incorrect or fraudulent entry1, the Investigating Committee’s focus is to decide whether it is more likely than not that our registration, renewal or readmission decision was made because of fraud or was incorrect. In making this decision, the Investigating Committee should consider the guiding principles about incorrect or fraudulent entry allegations.

The Investigating Committee assesses how the nurse or midwife got onto or remained on our register, rather than assessing their current practice. It considers whether the information about the person’s character, qualifications, practice hours or other entry requirements was correct at the time it was submitted.

Because the Committee’s focus is the validity of the original registration, renewal or readmission decision, evidence about the person’s current work or ability to provide care is unlikely to be relevant.

1 Rule 5 of The Nursing and Midwifery Council (Fitness to Practise) Rules 2004 (‘the Rules’) sets out the procedure to be followed.