Exceptionally report a risk

Approved education institutions (AEIs) should exceptionally report on any risks to the student learning environment that may affect compliance with our education standards.

When to make a report

You should make an exceptional report if:

  • there’s an immediate or impending risk to the safety of students, members of the public or patients
  • an unexpected or unexplained death has occurred
  • a major incident has occurred
  • a placement provider partner has been rated as “inadequate” by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Health Inspectorate Wales, Healthcare Improvement Scotland or Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority - you do not need to do this if they have been rated by the CQC as "requires improvement"
  • significant concerns have been raised by a member of the public
  • students have raised any complaints leading to an internal investigation
  • there’s significant public interest in the incident.

Make an exceptional report

Download and complete our exceptional reporting form.

When you've filled it in, email it to us at exceptional.reporting@nmc-uk.org.

We'll try to reply within one working day.

What we’ll do next

We may need to ask you for more information. If we do, we expect this to be sent to us within 7 working days. If this isn't possible, you need to let us know why. 

We may need to speak to other relevant NMC departments to make sure that any concerns that could impact them are dealt with. If an exceptional report impacts upon another AEI, we'll also tell them about the identified risk. However, we won't share any sensitive or personal information. 

We'll aim to update you within two weeks of your exceptional report.

If your report remains open, we'll let you know why and what further information we need.

Once we’ve decided that there’s no longer a risk to the student learning environment, we'll take the necessary steps to close your report.